Hold on….. we’re trying to think…….

when a Mammy & Daddy really love each other... NOPE.

Mhm… might as well tell you the truth.

It all started late 2019 where we all met at Kyle’s house to play some D&D (yes.. we’re nerdy.). Just like any other get together, we talked a whole lot of shit. I mean like a whole lot of shit, we thought it’ll be hilarious if we put our thoughts, random facts and shit-talking onto the internet on a Podcast-format.

So we sat around Kyle’s bedroom floor and talked into a microphone and suddenly Bullshit Lab was awkwardly born.
Within the first few months between December 2019 – January 2020, we gained little to no audience, so we kinda gave up and we had our lives to get too. Until one day, we were curious about what was happening and we still wanted to do the podcast, we checked the analytics and we had listeners, now 100-200 listeners isn’t much to brag about, but it was a start, people wanted to listen to our shit. so on the 19th June 2020… Bullshit Lab was reborn.

After a couple of months, we gained a lot of listenership and we attempted to get our first sponsor! they basically told us to go fuck ourselves ’cause we weren’t “Advertiser Friendly” so we all sat down and had a think (we did this in our own home’s because back then, we were grounded thanks to Boris Johnson)

It came to our attention our username on social media @BullshitLab was being targeted and we received a lot of bans, soo a few appeals later, we ended up getting sick of being taken off the air… WOLA! good name for a podcast that kept getting took of social media…

So that’s it.. the rest is history. The Taken Off Air brand was released on the 25th September 2020 with Season 1 Episode 17 as a fuck you to those who tried to censor us (and succeeded I suppose since we did have to rename ourselves and everything….) but we won in the long run hahaha… or for now anyway… we hope…

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